Video Marketing

Which Hosting Solution is Best for Video Marketing?

Amie Hall / November 29, 2017

Using videos as part of your real estate marketing strategy is the easy decision. What’s trickier is deciding whether you should use YouTube to host your videos or if you should stick with hosting them yourself.

Below, you’ll find the pros and cons of each:

Hosting Videos on YouTube

YouTube, a platform that allows you to upload as many videos as you desire without any fees, is the least expensive way of hosting your videos.

While YouTube makes its money from advertising revenue, you can choose to not have these ads run on your videos. You can easily share any videos uploaded to YouTube with your other social media accounts.

Because the videos can be embedded on your website, its load time isn’t affected. The primary reason for using YouTube, though, boils down to being discovered.

Given the popularity of YouTube — people watch one billion hours of YouTube videos every day — hosting your real estate videos on the platform makes it easy to reach clients who are looking for real estate agents.

Self-Hosted Videos

Self-hosting your real estate videos on your own website means you have complete control and ownership over their content and the way the videos are displayed.

You can also choose the advertising used with them. With self-hosting, though, you’ll use more data which means you’ll need a more robust hosting package to accommodate the additional storage required.

Another issue that you might face is that the load times of your web pages could be negatively affected. These slow load times could prevent clients from engaging your services if they become too impatient to wait for your videos to load.

Because self-hosting videos are more difficult to share on social media, they can also make it harder for clients to find you.

Based on the above, which method of hosting your real estate videos works best for your needs?