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Which Real Estate Brokerage Videos Should You Have?

Amie Hall / October 31, 2017

In order to effectively market your services, a real estate brokerage needs a variety of videos. The following are just a few types of brokerage videos that can help your real estate agency set itself apart from its competition:

Community Videos

A home buyer isn’t just interested in the features of a home, they’re also curious about the surrounding community. A video highlighting the unique aspects of the community can include information about the local businesses, nearby parks, neighborhood schools and the like.

Market Videos

Most home sellers and buyers are only vaguely aware of the current state of the housing market. Providing frequently-updated videos that keep them abreast of the current housing market trends are a special touch that will be appreciated.

How-to Videos

Sharing how-to videos are advantageous to both you and your viewers. First, they help establish your real estate brokerage as experts. Second, these videos help answer some of the most common and vexing questions your clients have.

Some examples include “how to find a real estate agent,” “how to effectively stage a home” and “how to find a reliable home inspector.”

Listing Videos

Listing videos make up a sizable portion of your marketing strategy. In addition to providing potential home buyers with an up-close-and-personal view of what makes a particular home special, a listing video shot by a professional videographer delivers vibrant and engaging features.

Testimonial Videos

Videos featuring satisfied clients are one of the best ways to market your real estate brokerage’s brand. Short, vibrant and authentic testimonial videos provide potential clients with a glimpse into your work ethic, ability to build relationships and passion for real estate.

In many cases, a satisfied client is likely to be pleased to provide such a testimonial so don’t hesitate to ask.

The videos outlined above form the foundation of a good marketing strategy for your real estate brokerage. What other videos does your brokerage feature?

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