New VScreen VMS wants to catapult (and simplify) your video marketing

March, 14, 2018

Now owned by Terradatum, VScreen has a powerful new video creator and publishing platform called VMS, or Video Marketing Suite

BY CRAIG C. ROWE | Staff Writer

Key Takeaways

  • VScreen VMS gives agents a fast, affordable way to create and publish professional video content to websites, social media and email.
  • Account rates vary from $39/month to $79/month for the pro level.

VScreen Video Marketing Suite (VMS)​ is a browser-based video content creation and distribution tool.

Platforms: ​Browser; mobile-optimized

Ideal for: ​All agents, brokerages and teams

Top selling point

  • Easy video creation interface
  • Minimal learning curve
  • Built-in content scheduler
  • Affordable

Top concerns

There are a lot of smartphone apps available for quick video creation and publishing that mobile-forward agents might prefer over a web app like VScreen. Even without a companion app, VScreen VMS (now part of Terradatum) is one of the best solutions we've reviewed for this critical component of real estate marketing. The solution's value rests in its ease of use and compact, comprehensive interface. Far too many excellent video tools out there are burdened by challenging user experiences.

Outside of recording content, everything an agent needs to build and publish effective video is addressed in a smartly limited number of menu options in a reduced user interface (UI). Agents won't be overwhelmed with frame-based edit windows, soundtrack uploads or excess pro-level editing features.

The top navigation menu, with its large icon-based buttons, gives access to users' existing videos, marketing features and account information. Vertical left, users can choose their video player options, video style (or type), and video features, which include branding options and any custom preor post-roll content.

Agents can record introductory snippets (pre-roll) or closing remarks (post-roll) for ongoing use and include them by merely choosing "on" or "off" when assembling new content.

Those options can front or back an array of video types, from market videos that highlight graphical data using a ListHub feed or local multiple listing service (MLS) data, to community videos that run down specifics about neighborhoods augmented by Attom Data Solutions.

These video options are quick to create and offer agents an excellent source of shareable, engaging content ideal for supporting social media efforts or serving as follow-up emails to new prospects after an open house.

VScreen VMS includes a deep library of professionally-recorded advice videos on a range of industry topics, including first-time homebuying, home staging tips, mortgage options, how agents are paid, how to make a good offer, down payment basics or city-lifestyle matching.

Videos feature both men and women, represent diversity and can include personal branding and contact information.

Listing videos use MLS data and images to quickly assemble and illustrate properties on the market.

Agents can record a generic intro for use with every new listing video. For example: "We're happy to share with you another great home for sale by ABC Realty."

The marketing feature within VScreen VMS gives users the option to embed their video and prepare it for website publishing, social media sharing, or in-app emails sent to email lists..

The included scheduling tool is a valuable addition, preventing users from having to copy and paste links to another social media manager or marketing tool.

The software archives every video for ongoing access and editing, and with the intent to use again when situations dictate.

VScreen VMS could serve many agents as a primary tool for creating video content. It's designed to encourage informative short-form publishing that looks good and offers genuine value to its viewers.

Facebook Live and "in-the-moment" first-person content has become popular with agents. However, for evergreen branding and long-standing marketing credibility, VScreen VMS is a very solid choice for agents looking to reach more people with video.

It's our hope that Terradatum starts to focus on its app's mobile functionality, at least offering a limited selection of features until a richer version can be developed. In fact, it may become essential for them as agents adapt to new tools like Instagram TV.

Thankfully, VScreen VMS should easily attract enough users to support its current product. This is a tool desk-bound marketing assistants can manage with ease to augment their agent's brand and generate new leads.