Agent Limited Basic Plus Pro
Billed annually or $29 billed monthly
Billed annually or $49 billed monthly
Billed annually or $59 billed monthly
Billed annually or $99 billed monthly
Upload your own videos.
Everything you need to begin marketing yourself using video.
Take full control of your brand using our complete video marketing suite.
Because everyone should be able to grow their business with more video!
Premium Videos NONE Up to 5 Up to 10 Unlimited
Personal Branding
Video Newsletters
Social Media Sharing
Presentation Pages
Lead Capture
3rd Party Intergrations


What do I get?
You can mix and match different video types based on your content needs. Choose from Market Videos, Listing Videos, Community Videos and Advice Videos! You also receive a branded profile page including lead generation where you can place all your videos. A newsletter is also available to send out for marketing. Additionally, the system connects to Facebook and Twitter for easy social media distribution. Simply pick the plan that provides the amount of video you need.
Can I add my own videos to the VScreen library of videos?
Yes, you can upload your own videos by selecting the Videos tab, the My Videos side bar, and then clicking the "Select Videos to Upload" area to choose a file from your desktop. Your video will upload. Click Uploaded Videos to see your video and click on it to give it some detail information.
What is my Profile page and how do I share it?
Your profile page is a page we host for you! It includes all of your branding and videos so you don't have to do any of the technical embedding. Simply click the Marketing Tab. Select Website on the left, and you'll see your direct URL for your profile page. You can email this out, post to social media, even include it in your signature line!
How do I update the videos?
That’s the beauty of the system---we update them automatically for you! Every month on the 7th, we regenerate your Market Videos with new metrics from your MLS. Listing Videos are updated whenever a price adjustment hits our system. You do not need to do anything to trigger updates---it happens automagically.
VScreen is an all-inclusive video platform
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